PC - Playable Female Characters
List of games with female protagonists for the PC.

A PARTIAL tag means the games has a female playable character, but you play as multiple characters, as a party, or they are only available in a different mode, like multiplayer etc..
A FULL tag means the game has a female character you play though the entire game as.
An EXCLUSIVE tag means the game is a PC exclusive.

Alien: Isolation as Amanda full%20stamp%20Resized.png
Horror. Alien: Isolation is a first-person survival horror game set fifteen years after the events of Alien.
Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda enters a desperate battle for survival, on a mission to unravel the truth behind her mother's disappearance.
Under powered and under prepared, you must scavenge resources and navigate through an increasingly volatile world
as you find yourself confronted on all sides by a panicked, desperate population and an unpredictable, ruthless Alien.
Alien: Isolation gameplay Alien: Isolation Amanda

Alwa's Awakening as Zoe full%20stamp%20Resized.png
In Alwa's Awakening you play as Zoe, a heroine sent from another world to bring peace to the land of Alwa.
Equipped only with a magic staff she awakens in a distant land and must set out to help the people.

More info: Steam
Alwa's Awakening gameplay

ARK: Survival Evolved full%20stamp%20Resized.png
MMO Survival. You can choose the gender, and customize the body proportions of your survivor. Your character's hair grows over time.
As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK,
you must learn to survive by hunting, harvesting resources, crafting items, growing crops, researching technologies,
and building shelters to withstand the elements.
flickr:45258754011alt="ARK: flickr:44347452945alt="ARK:

Assassin’s Creed Origins as Amunet aka Aya of Alexandria Partial%20stamp%20Resized.png
Action Adventure, Open-World. During the campaign you can only play as Aya during Alexandria mission.
In the Discovery Tour there are a few female characters you can play as.
Set in mysterious Ancient Egypt, Assassin’s Creed Origins is a new beginning.
Experience a new way to fight, engage into multiple quests and gripping stories, encounter many memorable storylines along your journey,
unveil dark secrets and forgotten myths as you go back to the one founding moment: The Origins of the Assassin’s Brotherhood.
Assassin’s Creed Origins gameplay Assassin’s Creed Origins Aya Assassin’s Creed Origins Discovery Tour Character selection

Assassin's Creed Syndicate as Evie
Action Adventure, Open-World. In Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, action is fast-paced and brutal.
As a master of combat, combine powerful multi-kills and countermoves to strike your enemies down.
Travel the city at the height of the Industrial Revolution and meet iconic historical figures.
Recruit a gang and bring justice on behalf of the oppressed working class by everything from
robbing trains to rescuing child workers, players will do they can to to London’s lawless streets.
Assassin's Creed Syndicate gameplay Assassin's Creed Syndicate dress Assassin's Creed Syndicate Evie

Battle Chasers: Nightwar as Gully & Monika
RPG. Battle Chasers: Nightwar is inspired by the classic console greats, featuring deep dungeon diving,
turn-based combat presented in a classic JRPG format, and a rich story driven by exploration of the world.
Build your adventuring party by choosing three of six available heroes from the classic Battle Chasers comic series,
each with unique abilities, perks, items and dungeon skills.
Battle Chasers: Nightwar Gully Battle Chasers: Nightwar Gameplay

Blade Strangers Partial%20stamp%20Resized.png
Fighter. Blade Strangers is a hardcore old-school fighting game.
Many female characters in the roster.

More info: Amazon Steam
Blade Strangers gameplay Blade Strangers Roster Selection

Broken Age (2015) as Vella Partial%20stamp%20Resized.png
Broken Age Vella gameplay Broken Age Vella Screenshot

Call of Duty: Black Ops III (2015)
First Person Shooter. Customizable character with choice of gender.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 combines three unique game modes: Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies.
Call of Duty: Black Ops III Character Creation

Child of Light as Aurora
Child of Light is a 2D side-scrolling role-playing game inspired by the art style of Studio Ghibli.
Child of Light Child of Light Gameplay

Dark Souls Remastered (2018) as Chosen Undead full%20stamp%20Resized.png
RPG. Character creation.
Beautifully remastered, return to Lordran in stunning high-definition detail. You will face countless murderous traps,
countless darkly grotesque mobs and several gargantuan, supremely powerful demons and dragons bosses.

More info: Amazon Nintendo
Dark Souls character customization

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round (2015) Partial%20stamp%20Resized.png
Fighting. Master the signature DOA fighting system through the textured story and tutorial modes, unlock more costumes than ever before in each of the offline training modes,
and compete with the best fighters in the world in the online training modes.
Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Gameplay Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Roster

Dead or Alive 6 Partial%20stamp%20Resized.png

Destiny 2 (2017) as Guardian full%20stamp%20Resized.png
RPG, First Person Shooter. Character creation.
In Destiny 2, the last safe city on Earth has fallen and lays in ruins, occupied by a powerful new enemy and his elite army, the Red Legion.

Destiny 2 gameplay Destiny 2 Character Creation

Dragon Age: Inquisition (2014) as Inquisitor full%20stamp%20Resized.png
RPG. Customizable character with choice of gender.
Choose and spearhead a team of characters into rough battles against a variety of enemies from earth-shaking High Dragons to demonic forces from the otherworld of the Fade.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Screenshot Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Creation

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition as Dragonborn full%20stamp%20Resized.png
RPG. Character creation.
Skyrim character creation Skyrim gameplay

Fallout 4 as Sole Survivor full%20stamp%20Resized.png
RPG. Customizable character with choice of gender.
Fallout 4gameplay Fallout 4 character creation

Final Fantasy VII Rerelease (2015) as Tifa
RPG. Re-Release of the 1997 classic on the PS1.
What begins as a rebellion against an evil corporation becomes much more. And what erupts goes beyond imagination.

Gone Home
Mystery. Gone Home is a first person interactive exploration simulator, aka walking simulator.
Interrogate every detail of a seemingly normal house to discover the story of the people who live there.

Grand Theft Auto V: Online (2013) Partial%20stamp%20Resized.png
While Grand Theft Auto 5 doesn't have any female protagonists, you can make a female character for the online mode.
Players may travel around and interact with the map at will and can take part in many gameplay activities, including assaults on local gangs,
robbing armored trucks, and challenging other players to Impromptu Races.
As players progress and increase the rank of their character, more items and jobs will be unlocked for them to purchase and play.
Also included in GTA Online is the Content Creator, a development tool that allows players to create and publish their own races, deathmatches, and other competitive gamemodes.

GTA Online gameplay flickr:44340013870alt="GTA Creation

Harvest Moon Light of Hope Special Edition full%20stamp%20Resized.png
Choose between male of female character

More info: Amazon Steam
Light of Hope screenshot

I Am Setsuna as Setsuna Partial%20stamp%20Resized.png
The player controls a party of characters

More info: Amazon Steam

Action, Rouge Like. Fight your way to the top in this chaotic and pulp survival action taking free-to-play to a whole new level.
Begin your journey in your underwear and survive by any means necessary while taking advice from Uncle Death, a skateboarding reaper.
LET IT DIE gameplay Let It Die character selection

Little Dragons Café as Rin Partial%20stamp%20Resized.png
Sim. Play as Rin or her twin brother Ren who help their mother manage a small café.
Little Dragons Cafe screenshot Little Dragons Cafe Rin

More info: Amazon Steam

Nights of Azure

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon as 'Three Beautiful Maidens' full%20stamp%20Resized.png
Hack and Slash. Play as a knight protector named Alushe and her two childhood friends: Liliana, a kind-hearted priestess, and Ruhenheid, a holy knight of the Lourdes Order.

More info: Amazon Steam
Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon gameplay Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon screenshot

Noih Partial%20stamp%20Resized.png
You have to play though part of the game as William before you can change your skin to a woman.
Also you will still see William during the cutscenes.
To change your skin you will need to unlock the Hidden Teahouse, then you will need enough glory to unlock the female skin.

Overcooked 2 Partial%20stamp%20Resized.png
There are a few female chefs you can unlock and play as.
More info: Amazon Steam

Overcooked 2 gameplay

Shining Resonance Refrain as Yuma Ilvern Partial%20stamp%20Resized.png
RPG / Hack and Slash.
Play as Yuma Ilvern and stop the Empire from exploiting the power of the ancient dragons, including the soul of the Shining Dragon within you.
In the original game, previously released only in Japan, Imperial Princess Excella was an unplayable character,
but in the new “Refrain Mode” in Shining Resonance Refrain, both she and Dragonslayer Jinas can be added as party members for a new experience.

More info: Amazon Steam
Shining Resonance Refrain gameplay Shining Resonance Refrain screenshot Shining Resonance Refrain

Titan Quest full%20stamp%20Resized.png
ARPG. Choose between male or female character
The Titans have escaped their eternal prison, wreaking havoc upon the earth.
The gods seek a hero who can turn the tide in an epic struggle that will determine the fate of both men and gods. Are you ready for the quest?
Highly Customizable Characters. Build and customize your characters with 28 classes and over 1000 pieces of unique and legendary items to create the ultimate champion.

More info: Amazon Steam
Titan Quest gameplay Titan Quest screenshot

Transistor as Red full%20stamp%20Resized.png
Transistor gameplay Transistor screenshot

Undertale as Frisk full%20stamp%20Resized.png
In this RPG, you control a human who falls underground into the world of monsters. Now you must find your way out… or stay trapped forever.
Undertale gameplay Undertale screenshot

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Partial%20stamp%20Resized.png
Can switch to female characters.
Commander Claude Wallace and his childhood friends set out to fight in a desperate war,
but bone-chilling blizzards, waves of imperial soldiers, and the godlike powers of the Valkyria stand between them and victory.
Valkyria Chronicles 4 gameplay Valkyria Chronicles 4 screenshot Valkyria Chronicles 4 Riley

Warriors Orochi 4
Hack and slash.
A dream collaboration starring heroes from DYNASTY WARRIORS and SAMURAI WARRIORS!
Heroes from across the Warring States period of Japan and the Three Kingdoms era of China successfully defeat the evil Orochi and end his reign.
Warriors Orochi 4 has 170 playable characters, many of which are female.
Warriors Orochi 4 gameplay Warriors Orochi 4 Screenshot Warriors Orochi 4 Character Selection Roster

Wasteland 2: Directors Cut Partial%20stamp%20Resized.png
RPG. You can make female characters for the party, or choose pre-made characters.
The Wasteland's hellish landscape is waiting for you to make your mark… or die trying.
With over 80 hours of gameplay, you will deck out your Desert Ranger squad with the most devastating weaponry this side of the fallout zone,
test the limits of your strategy skills, and bring justice to the wasteland.
Wasteland 2: Directors Cut gameplay Wasteland 2: Directors Cut Character Window Wasteland 2: Directors Cut Party

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodline Exclusive%20stamp%20resized.png

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana as Dana Partial%20stamp%20Resized.png
RPG. You can switch between characters
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana screenshot Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana gameplay

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