SNES Rom Hacks

This is a list of the SNES ROM hacks that gender-swap or gender-hack the playable character to a woman.

It is possible to load your own ROMs onto the SNES Classic, including any ROM hacks once you've patched them.

The Rat Race aka Paulabound
This hack swaps Ness for Paula.
EarthBound Paula ROM hack EarthBound female ROM hack EarthBound female ROM hack

Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon SNES; Sara Edition
This mod replaces the original male characters (Pete’s) sprite and replaces it with his fellow female protagonist from the Gameboy Color Harvest Moon games.
I wasn't able to get this working properly with any ROM version or emulator. The sprite was messed up as seen in the screenshot.
tumblr_inline_pnlhwpGYoU1slaq9l_400.png Harvest Moon SNES female hack

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
ALttP: Randomizer
With this website, you provide a Link to the Past ROM, and it will allow you to randomize elements of the game to make it more challenging.
You can leave those settings blank, and just use it to change your characters sprite.
I believe these settings will keep the game the same.
Then you can to play as many different female characters such as: Zelda, Maiden, Samus, Celes, Marisa Kirisame etc.

Zelda starring Zelda 2
This is a hack for Legend of Link to the Past, which switches the roles of Link and Zelda whereas Zelda is the playable hero and Link is the one in need of rescue.
You will need to make sure the ROM you are using has a header. To add one use Tush.
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past female ROM hack

Super Mario World
Super Peach World DX
This patch allows you to play as Princess Peach who must rescue Mario.
Super Mario World peach ROM hack Super Mario World female ROM hack

Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. 2 - Peach
Replaces Mario with a Princess Peach Sprite from All Stars.

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