PC Mods - Female Character Swap

List of PC games which have mods that swap the male protagonist for a female character

Arkham City
Any character on Freeroam MOD
This mod allows you to turn into all the playable characters such as Catwoman.

Arkham Knight
Playable Characters Mod
Play as Red Hood, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Robin, Azrael, Bruce Wayne, Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, Joker and GCPD Officer Owens

Playable Characters V3

This mod adds many women units as well as voices.

Zee Identity Pack
Zee Identity Pack or IdentiZee for short, adds a wider array of character identity types to Arma3 ranging from male faces with different head shapes to female heads.
Zee Identity Pack ARMA 3
Base game info: Steam

Bully: Scholarship Edition
This mod lets you switch to a female character at the press of a button,
and use the protagonist's normal fighting style, and allows enemies to grapple you.
Bully SE female swap mod
Base game info: Steam Amazon

Dead Rising

Dead Rising 2
Instructions for model swapping Chuck.

The Huge Mod 2 - Chuck's a Chick
Play as almost all of the women NPCs in the game. Change the survivor NPC you appear as using clothing dispensers.
Dead Rising 2 female skin Dead Rising 2 female mod
Base game info: Steam Amazon

Cave Story
This patch lets you play as Curly Brace.

Devil May Cry 5
Red Black Lady
This mod adds a skin for a woman in red and black, with white hair and a Black Rose on her face.
Devil May Cry 5 female skin
Base game info: Steam

Grand Theft Auto III
A few of the many female skins out there for GTA III.
Grand Theft Auto III female skin

Little Girl
With Little Girl you look like a regular, nice little girl, but deep inside… she's evil!
This will replace the player character with that of a 'Little Girl'.
On the first sight, she's nothing special, just a little girl, wearing a skirt, a tank top and a jacket. Give her a gun an she's unstoppable!
GTA 3 female mod

Lilith v.2 for GTA 3
Blednokozhaja damsel in black and red dress fits perfectly into the dark atmosphere of Liberty City, as well as will satisfy all lovers of play for female characters.
GTA3 female swap
Base game info: Steam Amazon

Grand Theft Auto IV
There are a ton of female character skins on gtaInside.com as well as other sites. Below are a couple of examples.

Black Cat (Marvel: Future Fight)
This model is from the mobile game Marvel: Future Fight.
GTA4 female skin

Sylvia Christel (No More Heroes)
Grand Theft Auto 4 female mod
Base game info: Steam Amazon

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5)
Skin Control (Possibly unsupported)
Character Swap 1.1.0

Just Cause 2
Many female character skin mods are available.
Just Cause 2 female Bolo skin Just Cause 2 female mod Just Cause 2 Kane skin
Base game info: Steam Amazon

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Multi Quiet Player Mod v2.3 - Quiet ability and voice support
This mod allow players to have more options to play as Quiet.
You can replace Snake's voice so Quiet will sound like Quiet and install Quiet's abilities to get as close to a true playable Quiet as modding can get!
Metal Gear Solid V Quiet swap mod
Base game info: Steam Amazon

Nier Automata
Mods for swapping 9S with ??

Postal 2
POSTAL GRRL (Female Player Mod)
This mod swaps Postal Dude into a Postal Girl.
Postal 2 female skin mod
Base game info: Steam

Resident Evil 4 / Biohazard 4
Ashley & Claire

Claire Redfield Character Skin

Resident evil 4 Military Girl Mod!
Mod by staciecazy
Resident evil 4 Claire Ashley mod Resident evil 4 Claire Redfield mod Resident evil 4 female skin mod
Base game info: Steam Amazon

Resident Evil 5 / Biohazard 5
Model Swap Patch
Resident evil female skin mod
Base game info: Steam Amazon

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Female injury sound pack
This mod replaces a few of the sound effects to female voices.

Costume Pack Mod
This mod adds costumes for replacing the player's character model. One of the models you can choose is Emma, a female NPC.
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice female mod Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice female mod emma

Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower
Thid mod lets you play as Lady Maria.
Base game info: Steam Amazon

Two Worlds
The only version of the mod that I can find.
Reddit comment HumanHeroin16

Two Worlds II
Play as a Custom Character
Using this mod, you can play as a custom character like the NPC

Watch Dogs 1
Play as NPC Mod
This mod swaps Aiden's character model with other NPCs from the game, like Clara or Jordi.
https://www.nexusmods.com/watchdogs/mods/16/?Character MOD Updated For Game Version Bad Blood DLC
With this mod you can play as Clara, Nicky, Jackson and some other characters from campaign.
Watch Dogs female skin mod
Base game info: Steam Amazon

Watch Dogs 2

The Witcher

The Witcher 2

The Witcher 3

Yakuza 0
Model Swapping Tutorial
You can use this guide to swap the main character for any other character in the game. Including little Haruka, and cat fight girls.
yakuza 0 character female character mod cat fight girls yakuza 0 female character mod haruka
Base game info: Steam Amazon


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