NES Female Character ROM Hacks

This is a list of the NES ROM hacks that gender-swap or gender-hack the playable character to a woman.
The ROM hacks are distributed as .ips files and patch the original game ROM.
Here is a tutorial on how to apply the ROM hack patches

It is possible to load your own ROMs onto the NES Classic Edition, including any ROM hacks once you've patched them.

Bomber Remilia
The player character is based on Touhou character, Remilia Scarlet.
Bomberman NES female hack

Castlevania (Akumajou Dracula)
Castlevania - Sonia Belmont Edition
Hack of Castlevania where Sonia Belmont from the Gameboy title “Castlevania: Legends” is now the playable character instead of Simon.
Castlevania - Sonia Belmont Edition hack Castlevania nes female mod

Akumajou Remilia
The player character is based on Touhou character, Reimu Hakurei. Graphical changes are mode to the enemies, weapons, etc.
This hack is for the Japanese version of the game.
Akumajou Remilia female hack

Code Name - Viper
There's a ROM hack which replaces the pantsless looking main guy with a female character.
It's name is Code Name - Viper - Girl by AmidE (Hack).nes and it can be found in the GoodNES pack.
Code Name Viper ROM hack Code%20Name%20-%20Viper%20-%20Girl%20by%20AmidE%20%28Hack%29.PNG

Devil World
Scarlet Devil World
The player character is based on Touhou character, Marisa Kirisame.
The boss character is based on Touhou character, Remilia Scarlet.
For the Japanese ROM version.
Devil World female rom hack

Dig Dug
The player character is based on Touhou character, Yamame Kurodani.
Dig Dug NES female rom hack

Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition
This hack replaces Jumpman with Pauline, now Jumpman is next to Donkey Kong.
It was made by a father for his three year old daughter, who wanted to play as Pauline instead of the main character.
Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition

Kana Kong
Jump Man has been replaced by the Touhou character, Reimu Hakurei.
Donkey Kong is replaced by Kanako Yasaka.
Almost all other graphics in the game have been replaced as well.
For the Japanese version of the game.
Donkey Kong female rom hackDonkey Kong female rom hack

Final Fantasy ROM hacks
There are two different ROM hacks for Final Fantasy 1 that replace the male characters with women. One makes gameplay improvements, the other just changes graphics and dialog.
They each have their own unique art style.
Feminine Fantasy

Kung Fu (Spartan X)
Sylvia Saves Thomas
In this hack, the roles of Thomas and Sylvia have been reversed!
Sylvia must now save her boyfriend, Thomas, from the evil Mr. X.
Kung Fu NES female rom hack Kung Fu NES female rom hack

Meirin X
The player character is based on Touhou character, Hong Meiling.
This hack is for the Japanese version of the game, Spartan X.
Spartan X NES female rom hack

Mario Bros.
Princess Pipe Panic
This is player sprite hack of Mario Bros. that replaces Mario and Luigi with Peach and Daisy, respectively.
Mario Bros female rom hack

Maria Sisters
This ROM hack by Mogemogesama replaces the Mario Bros with female characters from the Giana Sisters series.
It can be found in the GoodNES ROM pack.
Mario Bros Maria Sisters hack

Mega Man ROM hacks
There are female character ROM hacks for every Mega Man game on the NES.
Roll-chan 2 hack

Mickey Mouscapade
Minnie Mousecapade
This is a player sprite hack of Mickey Mousecapade for the NES where Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse swapped lead role.
Mickey Mouscapade minnie hack

This hack replaces the paperboy with a girl.
The ROM hack can be found in the GoodNES pack.
Paperboy NES girl hack Paperboy NES girl hack newspaper

Rolling Thunder
This patch converts Rolling Thunder for NES into Perfect Dark.
Play as Joanna Dark as she tries to rescue her boss from the evil Datadyne Corporation.
Works with the Tengen ROM version.
Rolling Thunder Perfect Dark hack

Super Mario Bros 1 ROM hacks
There are many ROM hacks to Super Mario Bros. that change the playable character to Peach.
Each have their own style and some make gameplay changes while most just change Mario's character to a woman.
Super Mario Bros ROM hack

Super Mario Bros 2
Bowsette 2
The Mario party is replaced with Bowsette and her minions.
Bowsette 2 hack character selection Super Mario Bros 2 Bowsette hack

Super Mario Bros 3 ROM hacks
There are a lot of ROM hacks for Super Mario Bros. 3 that change Mario to a female character, each with their own style.
Peach & Daisy in The Ultimate Quest hack

Legend of Zelda ROM hacks
There's a few different hacks that let you play as Zelda.
Legend of Zelda ROM hack

Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link
Zelda II: The Adventure of Lady Link
This patch modifies Link into a long-haired woman.
Legend of Zelda 2 ROM hack Adventure of Lady Link screenshot

Zelda II - BS-X Mascot Girl Edition
This patch modifies BS Girl Karen.

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