Caveman Games

Caveman Games was released for the NES in 1988 as a port of Caveman Ughlympics.

You can choose your caveman to play as when the games starts.

There is one female character to play as: Crudla.

Crudla comes from the caves of West Europe. She is a favorite to win the games, as she is the most rounded of the athletes.
Crudla is well known for her wry wit and personable charm, as well as her athletic prowess.
When asked as to how she got her start as a top athlete, she often lies to tell this amusing anecdote:
"Thong take food, Crudla bash."
Following this years games, she intends to pursue a career as a writer, beginning with her autobiography entitled: "Bash, bash, Crudla bash."
Strengths: Saber race, Dino vault.

Screenshot from the event 'Clubbing'

Screenshot from 'Mate Toss'
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